Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where have I been?

Well, since my birthday my motivation has gone out the window. I am in no state to report anything worth reading, so I'm going to send you over to my SIL who is awesome and has started a new blog all about fitness and eating healthy. So go check her out HERE. And she has a contest going on right now with some cool prizes too!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Results!!!

So, today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I know I said last week that I was going to wait until tomorrow to post, well I decided this morning that I'd go ahead a weigh in this morning...since today is my birthday. My goal was 125 & I weighed in at...
I'm proud of that number. I know there were days/weeks when I could have done better, more things I should have cut out of my diet and I could have worked out.
I feel good. I would love to say I feel great, but I don't. I feel saggy, loose & weak. That's because I haven't worked out more than maybe 3 times and haven't gone walking since like week 4. So with that being said, my next goal is to work out at least 3 days a week and go walking at least twice a week. My sister in law has started a new blog that is very motivating and I'm reading her posts and trying to make myself follow her instructions. I know what she says is true and she looks great! Now I need to figure out a date for me to reach this next goal of mine. For now I'm going to go enjoy my birthday & I'll post again soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 15

I have decided to keep you all wondering if I'm going to make it to my goal next week. So I won't be sharing my weight today. No matter what it shows next week...I'm so glad that I set this goal and set a date to have it done by. I think that has helped push me along my way. I want to thank all of you for your support and sweet comments! Tune in next week to see the results!
And if you're looking for some help yourself or need to know where to SIL just started a new blog and it has some really good info for you, so you sould check it out 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 14

Half of this past week we were still on vacation, which means I had ZERO self control. I was still a little nervous to step on the scale after eating better for only two days. I weighed in at 136.2. Not the best, but it's down from last I guess it's progress. Hopefully by next week I'll be back down to 130 and then MAYBE I can kick my butt for a week and get to 125. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to say that I did it and reach my goal. I think I've done pretty good and I'm so proud of myself, but it's not over just yet. Bring on the next two weeks!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 13

We left for AZ the Wednesday before and I spent the last week eating whatever I wanted, in whatever portions I wanted. So I wasn't too shocked when the number 135 showed up on the scale.

Week 12

Playing catch up. Week 12 I weighed in at 130 pounds. I was so excited! That left me 5 pounds away from my goal, but I was nervous for the next few weeks to come.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 11

I was shocked to see a loss this week. We went camping over the weekend and I didn't watch what I ate at all. I ate way more than I should and I didn't feel guilty. I was preparing myself for a weight gain, but the scale said 132.2 this morning. I am back to watching my calories and eating better. I hope to do better these next two weeks, so I can be a little smaller for the wedding on the 9th. We went on a few hikes over the weekend, but that's the only working out I got in. I really hope to play the Kinect a few days this week and get a little running in. I really enjoyed running, when I used to do it, and don't know why it's been so hard for me to get back into doing it. So, that's that!